About Dawa Jangbu Lama


Dawa Jangbu Lama, our trek leader and Director of Nepali Operations, is the reason you’ll want to travel to Nepal with us.

You’ll know what that means as soon as you meet him.

Dawa is a bundle of personality, quick to smile and anxious to share his top-of-the-world home with others. He was born and raised in the Everest Region village of Junbesi. His mom operated a lodge for travelers and his dad guided treks through Nepal, India, and Tibet over three decades. For 12 years, Dawa attended an English boarding school, but he admits his mind was on other things.

“I wasn’t good in school,” laughs Dawa. “My thoughts were on trekking and traveling. My first trek was with my dad when I was 15, and I served as a porter.  We had two clients and we did the Annapurna mini-circuit. For the first time, I carried two large pieces of luggage on my back. This was my introduction, and I’ve never forgotten my experiences as a porter.”

Dawa began trekking with his dad at every opportunity, and worked as assistant guide for four years. As head guide, he worked six years with a British trekking company, logging thousands of miles and experiences.

“I’ve done the Annapurna circuit more than 10 times and Everest Base Camp more than I can count,” he says. “That’s not to mention all the other, smaller trips.”

In 2014, Dawa began working with a business partner in Nepal to set up their own treks. The have developed a network of some of the regions best guides, porters, and support staff. Dawa has also proven himself to be a talented photographer, documenting his many treks with astounding shots of the soaring alpine landscape.

Though he has divided his time over the past several years between Nepal and Nashville — several family members have immigrated to the U.S. — Dawa says his goal is to raise his children in his home village. He and his wife, Doma, welcomed their first child, a handsome son named Karma, in Feb. 2017.